Swim School
Progression Framework

Independence & Confidence Program
Age: 5 years +

Level 1 / Crocodile

This level is designed to encourage independence and confidence in the water with an experienced teacher.  Students are introduced to a range of key foundation elements, where knowledge, skill and understanding form the basis for learning swimming and water safety.

Vertical and horizontal movement, balance, control and the development of confidence combined with back and front floats, forward and backward movement, breath control, bubble blowing, pool entry and exit skills.  Rescue awareness is featured and students learn essential basics that enable them to make decisions within a controlled environment.

Level 2 / Stingray

Body position and kick is a key skill focus at this level. Teaching elements involve further development of back and freestyle kick, including the introduction of arm stroke, breaststroke kick, sculling and breathing techniques. This level also includes ongoing improvement to knowledge and understanding of personal safety in rescue situations. Foundation learning of jump and dive entries is introduced.

Level 3 / Barracuda

This level further explores body position, balance and rotation, leading to knowledge and understanding of the importance of maintaining good body position for controlled breathing in freestyle. Continuous sequenced activities combine swimming with water safety, where students are challenged to think, explore, decide, do and discuss consequences in relation to personal safety when using a range of open water environments.

Dynamic & Energetic Program
Age: 8 years +

Level 4 / Bronze

At this level, students focus on the finer points of each stroke in preparation for advanced levels of learning and fitness work. Lifesaving backstroke is introduced. Breaststroke arms with further adjustment of freestyle and backstroke technique is also undertaken. Somersaults, as the precursor to tumble turning, combined with activities that explore water turbulence, force and flow and the impact these have as the body moves through water is explored. Continuous activity sequences to enhance knowledge, skill and understanding of safety and risk in simulated open water conditions is undertaken in a team environment.

Level 5 - Silver

At this level, students focus on maintaining stroke technique under pressure, including tumble turns as longer distance is introduced and greater emphasis on maintaining an efficient stroke is featured. Butterfly kick and sidestroke are also introduced, with more advanced rescue and continuous sequences that challenge and empower students to use their knowledge and experience to consider and make decisions before undertaking action.

Level 6 - Gold

At this level, students are challenged across all stroke disciplines and technical elements in preparation for fitness squad or competitive swimming. Increased distance work of up to 400m is undertaken, with additional focus placed on fitness and speed. More advanced progressive drills are employed including the use of a pace clock. Continuous challenges combine technical swimming disciplines with movement, rotation and altered body positions where personal safety in simulated open water environments includes life jacket use and clothed swimming.

Club Squad & Fitness Pathway
Age: 10 years +

Successful completion of the CGGS Swim School swimming and water safety program automatically leads to the option of transitioning into our ‘Junior – Teens SWIM-FIT Program’ or becoming a member of CGGS Aquatic Swim Club. CCGS Aquatic Swim Club provides a structured progressive pathway from novice through to an elite level of competitive swimming.

Junior - Teen Years
‘Swim-Fit’ Program

The ‘Junior – Teens SWIM-FIT Program’ is designed for the fitness conscious junior – teen age student who is training for specific events or competitions i.e. Triathlon, Open Water, or simply for enjoyment, wellness or a social perspective.

This program offers up to 5 sessions per week of one hour duration.

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